Walk With Me

My generation grew up with a Sunday school picture of Jesus hanging on the church wall. In fact, that picture still hangs there today. I am thankful for that picture and the many Sunday school songs I learned as a child, i.e. “Jesus Loves the Little Children”, “Jesus Loves Me”. But I am no longer a child and it is time to move from the milk of the word to the meat. It is time to meet Jesus Christ, “the fullness of God”, “the express image of God,” “the glory of the Father.”

If you have a deepening desire to meet this God man who is God, walk with me as we walk with the Father to discover this Prophet from Nazareth, Lamb of God, Lion of Judah, and our lives will be challenged and changed forever.


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Who Am I?

Upon being asked, “And you are?”, I would have to answer, “In the eyes of most I am just an ordinary woman, with a husband, children, grandchildren and even a great grandchild.” But in truth I am an ordinary woman with an extraordinary God. He is responsible for any good in me, for any of the wondrous happenings in my life. In fact, it is by Him I live.

As I share thoughts, scriptures, and desires with ¬†you my prayer is for you to be encouraged, to count me as a friend, and more importantly to know God’s love that is beyond measure. And where I may not faithfully post or be there for you, know God is always waiting to be with you.

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