I don’t normally post on the weekend but I need your help. I am preparing to lead a Precept Upon Precept bible study on Revelation Part 2. That is where you come in. Would you complete the following 1 question survey to help me out. For all who respond, I give you my thanks and I will post the results during next week. Please share it with your friends and followers and leave your response in comments.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how strongly do you believe Jesus will return in your lifetime? Choose one of the following numbers or something in between.

1 being not at all because I don’t believe in Jesus/God.

3 being I believe in God but not sure about all this other stuff.

5 Unlikely

7 Likely

9 Very Likely

10 I am watching, working, ready, and waiting.

Thanks again for your help.

11 thoughts on “HELP!

    1. Thank you for participating in the survey. It seems the older we get the more thoroughly we are convinced of the Lord’s imminent return. Most said 10, with the rest at 7, likely.


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