Not the Usual

Not the usual but yet it is. First I don’t usually post on Saturday. The not so unusual: My summer posts have all been about how blessed we are as children of God and returning that blessing to the Lord. So, I can’t help but share the goodness, faithfulness and provision of God He has blessed me with this day.IMG_0386

The cabins, at the camp a group of  us minister at in the summer, is in bad need of replacement. Until we dug into one we didn’t realize how bad. The Lord sent us a couple of construction workers to help us begin tearing down and rebuilding one of the worst ones. In all honesty, as we tore it apart, I believe it is only by God’s grace it didn’t come down in a wind storm.

Praise the Lord, the rain that was to come in today didn’t and we were able to get it torn down to the pad. These men and each who came to help were a Godsend and we praise God for the willingness you had to give. Thank you for your service to the Lord.

Next, my husband and I take a group of teens and young adults on a mission trip each summer and this year our intake of donations was a bit shy of what we needed…until today. From an unexpected source there was a check in my mailbox that supplied our final need. Our heavenly Father faithfully supplies exceeding abundantly more than we ask. Isn’t He wonderful!

In the good, the bad and in between, and we’ve experienced it all in one day, God is good.  What good has God done for you today? Have a blessed day!

7 thoughts on “Not the Usual

    1. Great time for kids and adults. I have been blessed as much as any through this work of ministry. God is so good. Thanks for your comment. And I believe God is preparing for the next generation, showing them as He has us His faithfulness and love.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful encouragement! What a great reminder of God’s amazing grace and provisions.

    I also, as a youth, loved to go to summer camp. I think I went every summer from maybe 7 years old until maybe my first or second year in college. Then, I was going to Child Evangelism Training Camp (the last two years of camp). Before that I went to Youth For Christ leadership training camp, and before that I spent quite a few summers at my church denomination’s summer camp for kids and for teens. I loved every minute of it!

    So, that is a wonderful ministry you have there. So glad to hear how God provided. Thank you so much for sharing! I was blessed reading this.

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    1. What a wonderful testimony and so encouraging to keep on keeping on. On another note, I too, have been involved with Child Evangelism. Almost every year we have used their curriculum in our Day Camp, then for 8 years I lead a Good News Club. These ministries are great tools. Thanks again for the great comment.

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      1. When I was a child, we had a good news club in my home, and I think our church used their material on Wednesday nights for the children. Then, as a teenager, I began teaching Back Yard Bible Clubs during the summer months. Glad to hear they are still doing that ministry.

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