I Had It All Figured Out

Or so I thought. This is a short post of explanation. As I get ready to continue our journey with Jesus through the Bible, I figured I would post daily. In Retracing our Steps, that didn’t work. I figured I would post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That didn’t work either.  I’ve been posting whenever the Lord sets my time. That seems to work best. I find I’m not so frustrated as when I place myself under my own schedule made up of my own understanding.

I do hope you have enjoyed retracing our steps from Genesis through Joshua. Next we meet I hope to journey with you through Judges as it reveals a bit about ourselves and gives us yet another glimpse of our Savior in the Old Testament.

If you have any questions or favorite characters you would like to have addressed, leave a comment. I can’t promise I have the answers but we can surely explore together.

Have a Great Day in the Lord


This is the day the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

3 thoughts on “I Had It All Figured Out

  1. God is always at work even during our scheduling, eh? That’s what I love about Him! I’m glad that you found a schedule that works out well for you in the end.


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