Good and Pleasing

In my series Walking with Christ through the Bible, we have come to the book of Nehemiah, a praying governor. I’m hoping to look at his prayers and how we might use his example in praying for our nation. I hope you enjoy Jon’s post from Nov. 6th as an introduction to Nehemiah the praying Governor. You might also check out his other posts on

Theological Jon

I bet most of you are pleased that the election season is over. Well, OK, mostly over. Some races have been too close to call at this point on Wednesday morning. Votes are still being tallied for these candidates. But for the most part, the General Election is now in the past.

Now what?

Some of you are probably very excited about the results last night. Others of you may be disappointed. Many of us will move on with our normal, everyday routine. Some will be wondering if things will ever go back to normal for them.

So, now what?

What do we do next? What if the people we voted for didn’t win? What if the candidates we didn’t want are now in high positions of authority in our local, state, and national government? What if the people we did vote for made it into office? What can we…

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