Sharing My Blessing

The following post is borrowed with permission. I believe it holds a blessing for us all but I received a double blessing for it was written by my grandson. So I received a double blessing, the truth within the post and the testimony of Elijah’s faith.

I don’t normally post, as I normally don’t have anything I feel is worth saying. But tonight I do. I absolutely love this song. It’s part of Crowder’s newest album and it’s easily one of my two favorite songs from it (especially the acoustic which is this link). YOUTUBE.COM

Crowder – Official Acoustic for “Hundred Miles,” from the album I KNOW A GHOST. Get I KNOW A GHOST here:

Last Saturday I showed my grandma Kay this song and she asked me a simple question in response: how do we glorify God most?

My initial gut thought the generic Christian answer: by living for and in Him. By following the path God has set for us.

However, God showed me a different answer tonight as I did my nightly bible reading/study.

I listen to songs and videos as I do my studying as it helps me focus and often times brings up new questions and thoughts. Tonight I was listening to the video “the serenity prayer” by the Skit Guys Which sparked the thought.

First, the question isn’t “How do we glorify God most?”. To get the full scope of the question is has to be asked like this: “How do we glorify most Him who is glorified in of Himself? How do we glorify Him most who is already the most glorified?”

blog fathers-day-822550_960_720And it’s about what we do in response and because of Him. I now firmly believe that we glorify Him most in our letting go. He is most glorified in us when we completely let go of everything and run to and grasp onto Him with as much determination as we humanly can. When we hold onto His hand like a child holds onto their parents. The pride a parent is supposed to feel when their child runs up to them with open arms and holds onto them without letting go is only a absolutely microscopic fraction of what God, our Abba Father, must feel when we do the same with Him. That’s how we glorify Him most.

Father, may we most glorify you today by letting go of all that is not of you and clinging always and only to your strong hand.

Now, my question is: What holds us back from glorifying our God? What are we holding on to that He wants relinquished?

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