If You Are

bloggratitude-1201944_960_720“But ye are a chosen generation,

a royal priesthood,

an holy nation,

a peculiar people;

that ye should shew forth the praises of himΒ 

who hath called you out of darkness

into his marvellous light:

Which in time past were not a people,

but are now the people of God:

which had not obtained mercy,

but now have obtained mercy.”

1Peter 2:9,10

If you are one of the chosen, the royal priesthood, the peculiar people, who has been called out of darkness into His marvelous light; If you are one who has obtained mercy,

How will you show forth God’s praises today?

9 thoughts on “If You Are

    1. I take it you enjoy singing. Do you sing in the public arena or just in private? I think the Lord is the only one who enjoys my singing…but it doesn’t keep me from singing in church with a bunch of other voices. Keep singing His praises! Thank you.

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      1. Hi, I just sing at home 😊 & in my car, walking the dog, sometimes I hum songs too and make up songs to the Lord like thank you, your’re so wonderful, beautiful ..stuff like that .. 😊

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