An Invitation

blogpraise-1154566__340“Let every thing that hath breath praise the LORD. Praise ye the LORD.” Ps. 150:6

Tomorrow is Sunday. Here in Illinois we are under our governor’s executive order to stay at home starting at 5:00 PM today. This will last until April 7th. Then who knows? The scripture tells us to not forsake the assembling together in order to encourage one another. So, here’s the invitation.

Tomorrow or if you are on the other side of the world today, if you are not able to attend a worship service won’t you join me in worship by sending up a praise to the Lord about the time you would normally join with others.

If you are able to attend praise with us in your congregation. Together let the the voice of the Lord God be heard in a written praise, a song of praise, a prayer or testimony of praise.

Please, share this on fb, reblog, or just accept the invitation. Let’s join as one voice. Thank you.


10 thoughts on “An Invitation

  1. Praise GOD! Currently listening to the song, “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” on youtube. I’m frequently listening to worship songs since your introduce me to the a-minute-and-thirty-second, “I’ve Got Peace Like A River, thank you for this.” Since, we are also in a lockdown here in Metro Manila, Philippines, I’ll just listen to another of Pastor Lutzer’s running to win sermons.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your praise and this song. I just finished listening. It’s a beautiful praise to our God’s grace. I hope others will see and join in the song as we worship our Lord around the world. Thank you and God bless.


    1. Thank you and taking a minute to listen to the song, “Your Grace Still Amazes Me” on youtube, is a minute well shared. Gershom Clark from the Philippines shared it as his praise. I hope you enjoy it as we continue to worship together.


  2. No never, not for a moment. Praise God, He has never, is never, and will never. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for sharing this. It makes me think of all the days and nights with Mom.


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