The Writer’s Heart: Encouragement

The Writer’s Heart: Encouragement

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Writers travel a long journey to publication. We have to believe what we pen is worth our readers’ time—that our words give value to the readers. For we are giving of ourselves to them, as we seek to encourage them in day to day living.

But who comes alongside the authors when doubts of the worth of our work begin to needle our minds?  To the early church and the apostle Paul, the Lord provided Barnabas as an encourager, even as He has placed us here to do the same.

“Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11, NASB

We understand the Lord God is our ultimate encourager in the work He has given us, whether it’s in writing or some other ministry. But He uses his people to speak that encouragement or perform an uplifting deed. For writers and authors, we find great encouragement in one another when we share our struggles and successes.IMG_3582[1]

Today, I want to encourage Heather Greer, author of five contemporary Christian fiction romance novels, two of which are Selah Award finalists. Her newest success, Love in the Squared Circle released April 19, 2022. You will love the author’s characters, Trinity, a widowed single-mom, Jay, her eight-year-old “precocious but precious” son, and Blane, the handsome, larger than life pro-wrestler, plus the varied supporting characters.

I encourage you to check out Love in the Squared Circle on Amazon or Barnes & Noble on line. You can connect with Heather Greer at


The publisher I am with, Elk Lake Publishing, Inc. considers its authors a family. I’ve heard others speak of being a tribe. Whatever the term, it means we are in this together, to encourage one another through prayer and the different avenues we have been given.

May each keep on keeping on.

What is your latest success? Share it in the comments. How will you encourage someone today?

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