Writing is Hard

The Writer’s Heart: Sharing Another’s Journey
Where do you identify with author, Brenda Gate’s journey?
The editing process? The discouragement turning into courage? Oh, I do highly recommend her book. You won’t be able to put it down. It is contemporary fiction moving into historical fiction through a time-slip.

Another Day to Smile

Writing is hard. I didn’t use to think so. When I wrote Anna’s Song, it flowed with ease. It was fun. I took nuggets while I wrote, planning ahead for the companion stories I wanted to write, and just knew they would be a breeze.

Then I turned my manuscript in for a content editor to review. That’s when the hard work began.

Oh, the joy of editing.

Let me back pedal. Long, long ago, I submitted my first chapter for professional critique. It was a nerve wrenching experience. I’d never shared my writing with someone outside of a few close friends and I had this odd emotional mix of vulnerability combined with cocky self-confidence. My book baby was good. I expected the professional would think so as well.

Ha. I needed a big slice of humble pie.

I got my copy back, and it had so many red lines…

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