For the Writer’s Heart: Lasting Words

Lasting Words:

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According to statistics a person retains approximately ten percent of what is heard, twenty percent of what is read, and eighty percent of what is seen. If these numbers are correct, by my calculation, a prolific writer enables a person to preserve one hundred percent of what is read as the author shows the story with words.

In other words, the written word, written well, will be retained through revisiting the pages the words are written on. The Lord told Isaiah—

“Now go,

write it on a tablet before them,

And inscribe it on a scroll,

That it may serve in the time to come

As a witness forever.”

Isaiah 30:8

These words were first written close to three thousand years ago to serve as a witness forever. We know God’s word cannot be destroyed. I’m not saying what we write will last forever. But as we write, we should consider how far reaching into the future our written words will travel, who they will touch, and how they will influence the readers. Our words, testifying of the truth, will plant and water lives for years to come. And God will use them to give increase to His kingdom.

If you have a calling to write—

“Now go, write it on a tablet before them …”

For Thought:  What author, living or dead, has influenced your life?  You could be that author now and for generations to come.